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"...Das Bundesgericht betont die Notwendigkeit einer ungestörten Nachtruhe, weil tagsüber die Nervenkräfte des heutigen Menschen stark beansprucht werden..."

Schweizer Bundesgericht, Lausanne
Schweizer Bundesgericht, Lausanne
Arabs in Israel: Those who do not like the sound of the muezzin can leave  
21. Dezember 2011
Quelle: Israelnationalnews.com (By Elad Benari)

Arab protesters in Israel: Do not like muezzin sounds, then leave.

The head of the Islamic Movement in Tayibe, Abd al-Hakim Hajyahia, told Kul al-Arab, “The law to prevent the sound of the muezzin in mixed Arab-Jewish cities is an injustice and we will never agree that it be approved. The voice of the muezzin will be heard until the time of salvation.”

He added, “Given that these mosques were built before the people who are angered by the sound of the muezzin came onto the scene, if they cannot stand to hear the voice of the muezzin, they can get out of here.”
This is the exact very argument we hear regarding curch-bell noise: If you do not like it - leave. In fact it is the single most brought forward argument we encounter. And it reveals the unbelievably stubborn and inhuman egotism of religious fundamentalists. Their logic: "We were here first - hence we are allowed to terrorize anyone with noise...!"

Furthermore, the argument that "mosques were built before the people" is simply wrong: PEOPLE WERE HERE FIRST - then only came mosques and churches!

“If the law is approved,” he warned, “the Arab and Muslim masses will go out to the streets to resist this law, which is inconsistent with the simple laws relating to human rights, and contrary to the Declaration of Independence that gives freedom of religion.”

At issue, for the most part, is the early morning call to prayer, the Fajr, which is called at least a quarter hour before sunrise, when most people are still sleeping. Many Israelis have complained about the call to prayer, which is often broadcast very loudly with the help of speakers and amplifiers, especially in cities with large Arab populations like Jerusalem.

“No one is against freedom of religion,” MK Anastasia Michaeli said. “But along with freedom of religion must come environmental awareness, and consideration of others. When families, the elderly, small children, and working people who need their rest are forced to wake up in the early hours of the morning because of the muezzin s call, we are talking about a clear violation of the law. People who live near mosques need not suffer, and coexistence cannot be a reason for damaging the quality of life,” she said...

Find the entire report here: Israelnationalnews.com - muezzin-noise

By the way, it is scientifically proven by now that church bells (and surely muezzin-sounds) interrupt proper sleep rhythms, as this study clearly shows:
Analysis of awakening reactions due to nocturnal church bell noise.

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